Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"

All of the above, minus the 0

This game is mega addicting, and I can't possibly grasp the concept of how long this must have taken. The art is really nice, there are so many classes, it's amazing!
This is my 2nd day playing it and I can't stop. Well...I can because my internet dies every 10 minutes...but I still play it when the internet comes back on haha

Thanks for uploading this <333
Cannibal class want

i love this game

an amazing game i've made some great friends on there. and it improves all the time

Love this

One word.. "WOW"

I like it

I think its a fun game for those kinds of ppl who like to level up and go on quests! I am one of those ppl and I thank you for this game. :)

love it

been playing for a long time awesome game