Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"


I did not like having to make accounts for 2 seperate things so I could play, but the game itself is nice. Great concept.

fun Indie MMO with great potential

Sacred Seasons 2 isn't run by a big company, it's run by a small core group of people who really care about making the game fun and enjoyable for everyone who plays.

I can say for a fact that the dev team does play the game regularly, and pays attention to the improvements players suggest. What it comes down to is- the more people play the game, the more resources the dev team have to make the game better for everyone who plays it, and meet alot of those requests.

So for those of you who have given good reviews-- Thanks! To people who have given legitimate criticism, its also taken in stride. We're always trying to make Sacred Seasons better.

why can't i play :S first load screen stuck.. nice music but 10 min on this screens drives me mad ^^ ( sorceress with bridge on back ground screen)

WARNING: Some reviews are biased

There is an event on the game where people get EXP bonuses if the Newgrounds rating gets to 4.5, so DO NOT BELIEVE THE REVIEWS. That said, I enjoy this game well enough. I started yesterday when it popped up here, and it's alright. The interesting thing about the game is how ANTI-SOCIAL it is. I have not spoken to ONE PERSON yet, unless it was someone spamming me with stupid guild invites. There is no party system, so you do not need anyone with you at any time. You can't even be revived.

I can't enter the game.

I keep on waiting for a menu after it finishes loading, but none appears. Is there some requirement I need, or something?