Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"

Pretty awesome.

Nice graphics. Gameplay is pretty fun. I like this game.

Great Game

Fun to play. Always a lot of people on and willing to help in quest and leveling up. I like the fact that free means free. Yes, weapons cost real money. But, the monsters also drop weapons and not just weak ones.

Nice RPG

I liked this game a lot. It will keep me busy for days, though I really should be studying for my exams right now.

One of the best flash games ever made

There's so much to do in Sacred Seasons 2. Along with guilds, the area maps are huge and can provide hours upon hours of exploration. As soon as you create an account, you're thrown right into the thick of things on a beach where a small tutorial awaits. Then after the beach, the town of Plimouth where numerous starting quests and NPC's await. Very simple to pick up on the game play and very fun. The storyline was also well put together in my opinion. From tutorial beach, to the bloody axe wielding Lizzie.. Just wow.. 10/10

great game

Love this game! I have been playing it for months, and the quests and bosses are great.