Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"

arrghhh!!! why is this stuck!!
witch and bridge in the back..
i cant play, its like a wallpaper, not a game


A 2D browser mmo in which pretty much every weapon in the shop is real money only? Also, the experience from the very beginning hints at a grindfest. No thank you. Make it more reasonable for people to play for free (especially since this is a 2D flash browser mmo).

jamieyg3 responds:

The game is free to play, any weapon that costs money in the store can be obtained for free as a drop by an Enemy, the Store is just there in case you want to skip that step.


It won't even start. Fix it. Nao.

how do i get it to start??

This game is dead, no active servers.
Abadoned years ago, dont waste your time here.