Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"


It won't even start. Fix it. Nao.

... interesting that..

Seven reviewers (all with the same naming pattern) all said inane, empty things like "its awesome" and all their accounts have been created on the same day your game got released on the portal.

Are you really that desperate to attract attention to your game?

It never allowed me to connect to the "game". It doesnt work.

I didnt have any expectation about your game (since its a mmo, it will be usually bad, since they are all about grind, psychological manipulation and money-making) , but since i cant play at all.. since his thing on NG is just a launcher, it isnt worth any point. Why not place a solo training mode on NG at the very least?
Or better yet, not a mmo, just a good ol'fashionned solo RPG?
If you programmed this, you have all the skills needed to make it work.

Great Game

Fun to play. Always a lot of people on and willing to help in quest and leveling up. I like the fact that free means free. Yes, weapons cost real money. But, the monsters also drop weapons and not just weak ones.

All of the above, minus the 0

This game is mega addicting, and I can't possibly grasp the concept of how long this must have taken. The art is really nice, there are so many classes, it's amazing!
This is my 2nd day playing it and I can't stop. Well...I can because my internet dies every 10 minutes...but I still play it when the internet comes back on haha

Thanks for uploading this <333
Cannibal class want


I did not like having to make accounts for 2 seperate things so I could play, but the game itself is nice. Great concept.