Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"

WARNING: Some reviews are biased

There is an event on the game where people get EXP bonuses if the Newgrounds rating gets to 4.5, so DO NOT BELIEVE THE REVIEWS. That said, I enjoy this game well enough. I started yesterday when it popped up here, and it's alright. The interesting thing about the game is how ANTI-SOCIAL it is. I have not spoken to ONE PERSON yet, unless it was someone spamming me with stupid guild invites. There is no party system, so you do not need anyone with you at any time. You can't even be revived.


It takes forever to start, requiring sign in and then the game is just a bunch of clicking. I'm bored.

Love this

One word.. "WOW"

Amazing artwork, deep game. Love it!

Sacred Seasons 2 is simply amazing. The artwork is great, there is miles of locations and land to explore and the multiplayer battles are the best I've seen on a flash game. The only thing missing is a full screen mode!


its a great easy to play game