Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"

My favourite game 10/10

I love this game. It has devoured my life since the day it launched. So much more to do compared to the first one. It is continually growing with more areas and quests to complete. Made a few internet buddies along the way too.


Definitively not bad ;)

Pretty awesome.

Nice graphics. Gameplay is pretty fun. I like this game.

Great game 5/5!!

Ive played ss2 for about a month and I can honestly say I lik..love it!! Definitely the game to play if your bored of the avg MMO ;).. great admins and devs, along with friendly co-players.. Youd enjoy your time on SS2 for sure, so play!

More Pie

I too enjoy a good slice of pie, from time to time. But this is one of my favorite games of all time, definitely give it a shot if you haven't :)

A great MMORPG.