Reviews for "Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG"


this is an awesome game,i cant stop playing it.

btw,my sacred seasons 2 username is infernol0rd.
theres this real cool dude i was talking to that the game deleted from my friends list.and i forgot his username. :'(
so if your reading this you know who you are.please contact me ASAP.


A 2D browser mmo in which pretty much every weapon in the shop is real money only? Also, the experience from the very beginning hints at a grindfest. No thank you. Make it more reasonable for people to play for free (especially since this is a 2D flash browser mmo).

jamieyg3 responds:

The game is free to play, any weapon that costs money in the store can be obtained for free as a drop by an Enemy, the Store is just there in case you want to skip that step.


This game i've been playing it for hours non stop very very good keep it up!!!

Awesome.I want xp :)

I love this game regular player since ss1.vote 5 for this and when avrg is 4.5 and we get an xp event for a reward.

AWESOME! Enough Said Period

AWESOME! Enough Said Period