Reviews for "Indie Jones"

(Hums Indiana Jones Theme)

Even though my reflexes suck, I find myself playing repeatedly and trying to beat my score. That scream is hilarious.
The documentary is about all the awesome Newgrounds creators and creations, so it's a cause I don't feel reluctant to donate to. (You guys better not be using the money for beer...)


This game is sawesome. if it was a full game then i'd be like WHOA. really neat style of gameplay, and good controls. all my 5 are belong to this : P


Ok, I need this movie.

I am amazed at the quality of the trailer, and ifthe trailer is anything like the movie, I need it.

Also, this game rocks! While I am not that good, it is great! I love the secret medals as well! Very funny!


wow a documentary of newground!! i realy like that! i ove the trailer so i can't wait to see the movie, and about the game . . . it was ok, fun actually xD


It's awesome, but I got a secret medal without doing what it said.