Reviews for "Indie Jones"

fun game

but how do you need $1000 to make a documentary?

Cool game dude!

Looking forward to the movie!
Wish i could donate. :(

It is hard of course

I am glad that you guys are working on a Newgrounds documentary. I might only like this because I really appreciate all the work you guys put into promoting Newgrounds. I would donate money but I simply have so little money to use. As for this mini game it could have been better. It seemed like you could have made the whole thing way more convienient if you did not automatically lose your entire ability to get ahead if you missed one gem. It seems like you should just be brought back on the scale one gem.


I don't like this game for one reason and one reason only. It's based purely on chance. If you're in the middle and a gem appears on either side as far away as it can be, you can't get to it in time.

I have failed this game several times because it decides to put 7 gems in a chain on the sides. The person who got the score of 60k probably slowed his computer down a shitload and moved back to the middle after every gem. The only way you can get those gems is to either already be on that side or to be moving in that direction. Which makes this game more about luck than it is skill.

And games that rely a large deal on where item placements are, suck ass in my book. At least when they get medals.

good game.

i like the name to.and the controls are basic.