Reviews for "Indie Jones"


This is fucking retarded. It didn't explain anything in the beginning. And you used your whole fucking description space to promote a film your (probably) friend made? Why can't I promote my twitter page in the review section then? Pathetic.

The game itself is awful. It's an infinitely long, procedurally generated waste of time. There's almost no instruction and it just keeps going. I'll give you a 1 out of ten for actually making a game. Please, at least make a decent game when you want to promote a shit movie.


It was okay i suppose, just didn't keep me interested for very long

was a fun game but...

very simple, and amusingling retro. however, having gems that can't be seen behind items until AFTER they get to the boulder or just having them go over halfway up the screen imidiatly is extremely frustrating. other than that i probably would have played more than just a few times


May I recommend you to develop it for iPhone? You know, you could play with arrow or the accelerometer.

Could be better

While the game has that certain retro factor (Loved the intro!), the game itself is kind of a letdown.

First of all, this game is pretty hard. The controls for left and right were pretty straight forward, but having the message about jumping over lava pits *after* hitting a lava pit was kind of cheap. It didn't even occur to me that collecting the gems is the only way to knock the boulder back until I filled the mysterious 'K' bar for the first time.

And this leads to what I felt was the biggest problem: some of the gems are impossible to get. Either they are all the way on one side, so even the roll isn't helping. Also, having the rock already scratching your heels and waiting for a gem only to find that none is to be seen is extremely frustrating. Especially after I found out that the gem can also be behind a rock. The hefty deduction of the knock bar for missing a gem combined with these is a pain.

Graphics on the level are also quite bland after watching them for a couple of minutes. Some added detail would be nice.

Overall, just some tweaking on the mechanics would make this an awesome game.

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