Reviews for "Indie Jones"

Simple yet fun

Great retro styled game,plus Indiana Jones is awesome.The music was good and catchy.


The gameplay was pretty simple and not addicting in the slightest. It was easy to figure out, but it had no instructions to it and took me a couple times before I knew exactly what I had to do in the game.

By that time I was bored of the game.


No really it helps

Fun game

I grew up with an Atari 2600, so these types of games are always fun for me.

I do have some constructive criticism though. The fact that you have to take a hit sometimes to get a gem is a problem, and the ones on the edge of the screen are sometimes impossible to get. The ones on the edge of the screen are the worst, since you only have a fraction of a second to get them and if you are on the center of the screen where most players would be you would not get it. Somehow I seem to get two or three in a row completely ruining my game.

Criticism aside I enjoyed it. I would just like it to be more skill based and less luck based though.

It was ok

The first thing I noticed was the main menu screen. I couldn't tell what was information and what was a button at first, it felt crowded.

The gameplay was alright, but I didn't and still don't understand what the K stood for in the top-left bar and the item you can pick up with a K on it (Kuruna?).

Then the game failed to tell me that I had the ability to jump, only that I could roll by double-tapping left or right (which in itself was flawed; I could rapidly press LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT and the character would roll left). However, not only did it not tell me I could jump, the game called me a dumbass because I didn't jump over lava (which didn't even look that much like lava).

I understand why this game was made, but it definitely needs some work before it can be called good.