Reviews for "Indie Jones"

Ok heres the controls

The top bar is like an energy bar for ur rolls(double tap arrow) and jumps(space). To beat the boulder back u have to chain the gems together and not miss them. Okay every1 got it now?

So you wrote about it

people below why don't you write the controls as well caus I dont have a clue apart from jumping and moving side to side, no idea what the k is for??

A game but what?

I like the game but what else were you saying?

Good game but the lower guy is right, the right ones are crazy hard to get to.

Could have been a lot better

The biggest problem I have with this game is rules not being explicit
I didn't know how to jump before falling in the lava pit. I have no idea what the top bar is for. I don't know how to knock the boulder back. Etc, etc, etc

All these "little" details are what frustrates me and keep me from enjoying what otherwise could have been a really enjoyable game =(

"Press space!"

Constructive criticism: "Explain how to jump before giving us a pit to jump over.... Dumbass"