Reviews for "Indie Jones"

some help one secret medal

when you die click indie


Ok from what I can tell from people in order to keep the bolder away you have to get the k bar full so people can finally stop complaining I think I should say that.

Once you get the hang of it

It's actually pretty easy. The up and down arrow keys also jump and the roll is useful. It's still pretty difficult but you just need to come up with a tactic that works for you. All you need is patience and you got a good game with medals, for an awesome cause.

A good cause.

To be honest, I don't like the game very much (I do think it would be better if it had instructions). However, I'm psyched to see this movie. I gave $20 towards the cause, so I get a free digital copy, and a high-five. ^_^

So, in short:

Not a great game, for a great cause.

seanjames responds:

Works for me :)

Not bad

It's a decent game for sure, but a few gems can pop out of nowhere and are actually impossible to grab. maybe have some sort of flashing arow indicator so we can tell approximately where the next gem will surface.