Reviews for "Indie Jones"


Here are some instructions and tips for those who might need it:

Move Left: [Left Arrow]
Move Right: [Right Arrow]
Quickly Move Left: [Left Arrow], [Left Arrow] in quick succession
Quickly Move Right: [Right Arrow], [Right Arrow] in quick succession
Jump: [SPACE] / [Up Arrow] / [Down Arrow]

If the boulder hits you, it's game over. Even though the boulder is spherical, moving to the gaps on the left or right side of the corridor will not help you in dodging the boulder.

The 'K' bar at the top-left is the combo bar. Each item (gem, golden tank, or 'K' square) will increase the bar by 10%. Any time that you miss picking up an item, the entire bar will empty. This means that you'll have to collect 10 items consecutively in order to completely fill the combo bar, which will knock the boulder back as far as it can go.

You can only jump over lava rivers. You cannot jump over any of the statues. If you get hit by a lava river or statue, the boulder will move a little bit closer to you. Getting hit does not empty your combo bar, however - so in some cases it may be beneficial to sacrifice a hit in order to reach an item, and continue your combo.

Sometimes there are gems that are completely obscured by the statues. It sucks, but there's little that you can do about it. The best advice is to pay close attention to the time intervals between approaching items, and maybe doing a dash-roll behind a statue if you would expect a gem to be onscreen, but can't see one.

to difficult

i'll have almost enough gems to set the boulder back, but then the gem is either on the complete opposite side of the hallway or right behind a tribute to ancient indian bombs (YES, I KNOW there's a medal for it, but i don't wanna get blown apart into little mohicans!!!) and billabo is right, the controls are indeed another FU from shia le beuof. i don't want to roll, i just don't want to miss picking up the gem, oh well, instead i rolled right into a mexican indian bomb and i was crushed like a really damn big german standing under an experimental airplane prop that was running.

how ever, as a little footnote to tell us about you new upcoming movie, GREAT! (i just don't see what it has to do with all of you, it looks like it's about indiana jones but that's fine by me, BECAUSE I'LL BE TRYING TO BEAT THIS ALL NIGHT!!!)

it doesn't make much sense

when the gem is inside of the easter island head

Unlisted Medal

Collect a Gem behind a obstacle. This medal is worth 0 points.

Oh, and fun game.

Fun short game, major control problems.

it was fun, but I couldnt stand to play it long enough to get many medals, which is unusual for me; usually I cant stand not to get all the medals. The problem was the controls. It was way too easy to roll; I wanted to move just a short distance to the side, so I'd tap, tap to just move a bit, a bit to the right, but then WOOP! he'd roll right past the gem. Sometimes I found myself pressing space when I meant to roll.

Proposed better system, maybe you could make an option in the game:
__Spacebar = roll the direction of the arrow pressed down (I can see how this could be troublesome though... hmm)
__Left and right arrow keys = move left and right
__Up arrow key = jump