Reviews for "Indie Jones"

It's a fun challenge!

Despite what others are saying,I quite enjoyed the fun while it lasted. It's one of those high-score games where you don't need any story or whatsoever! It is to kill your time simply and perhaps to try here and then to break your personal high-score and for that I think this game puts up quite nicely! It could easily be a mobile phone game: short,simple and high-score-based ! Just like Snake or Bust-a-Move ! Keep up the good work! I really hope you start making mobile phone games! It's an advice. You have the hang of it!

is indiana jones a jude?

cuz the nazi bastards is after him d: oh back to the game it was kinda boring so i rate 8

I enjoy it.

So what r the three secret medals.

Love this game!

Good work! This game is sooo addicting!


sorry but i can't say that this was good.