Reviews for "Indie Jones"

kind of annoying...

Sorry but I don't like this game, every time you almost have the bar full (which I assume is a good thing) a gem either spawns inside a boulder thingy or spawns at the sides, so it's too late for you to see.

That was a load of fun!!!

yeah the animation wasn't all that great but it was fun. It reminds me of the game Turok 2, Seeds of Evil for the Game Boy Color. Theres a running part where a gient worm is chasing you.


It was an ok game, but I think your intentions about the Newgrounds movie are more focused upon.

So I'll give a rating of what I think about the game, and not why its there.
I am looking forward to the movie though.

Btw, the animation skills were good.
I can see the potential of a really good game, maybe that would bring in more donations?


i get the 0point metal


The thing I liked about it, though, was the graphics. That's about it.

The gameplay was darn awful, the medals were gamebreakingly unbalanced and as such the whole game felt a little bit out of place.

I understand that you're trying to promote a movie campaign, but you could've at least done a good game to help.