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Reviews for "Alien Hominid UFO Trainer"

That had nothing to do with the title

The graphics were terrible. The sound was terrible. The control response was terrible. There was no way to play or enjoy this game in anyway, but you be sure flag my review so M-bot can remind me to come back give this flash another zero, ya hear?


1. Score is too hard to see. 0/3.
2. All that you just did was make an asteroid avoider and tagged Alien Hominid onto it. 0/3.
3. WHAT IS UP WITH THE GRAPHICS!? This is a major thing for me to say, and it is 0/3 on the graphics department.
4. Just read the rest... No bonus.

My comments: Next time, PLEASE don't do what the maker did... or just improve it :/

123456connor responds:

it is playable though my best score is 620.

Way too hard

At one point rocks come from all places and you cant avoid them, make it easier and make your own drawings!

this is bad!

did u even play this before you posted it? you cant doge everything and the hit sencors are off.

bad bad bad bad bad bad BAD

the random asteroids form a wall the second i start, and they kill you when they aren't even close to you.