Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

actually he made this too fast,

this was the hostage drama in the Philippines yesterday..


It's sad when you find out the headlines on Newgrounds' games BEFORE watching the news.


Thank you admins for frontpaging this beaut! This is what we came to NG for in the first place! Epic.

I'm such a copkilling madman on that coach. GO KEYBOL!

Dear author. No harm here.

Hello there author of the game. I wouldn't say bad words since I am civilized. I am very sorry on how your mother raised you. I find your game very insensitive and hurtful, please delete it. I am a filipino too. I guess the hostage taker has his reasons, he may not have a very good solution, but please don't do the same thing. This game wouldn't solve anything, I guess you know that. Don't make a mockery of other people's suffering, you wouldn't want that done to you.

P.S. To the Chinese people, only one man killed your countrymen, not the whole nation. Please appreciate the apology of our country.

Nice Game LOL

I hate to see how Police, and Noynoy couldn't handle this situation easily they are really look overacting because of the media in front of them.


one man can make a difference it wasn't Mendoza that changed it but Noynoy's authority that made it worse :)