Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"


Why I only get six points and a guy achieve 260...

The game is bad and glitchy.


Thank you admins for frontpaging this beaut! This is what we came to NG for in the first place! Epic.

I'm such a copkilling madman on that coach. GO KEYBOL!

polish up and resubmit

It looks as though this game was shot out very quickly. The graphics are dreadful and the game itself provides no real challenge.

here are my suggestions for how to improve the game:

1. I see no real point in the timer other than ending the game. Instead of a timer how about having hostages pop up? If the player shoots to many hostages the game ends.

2. have some way to win or lose. as the game stands now it doesn't seem to matter how many hits or misses I score as the game ends the same way.

3. add levels! as the game stands now it is way to short mix things up with different maps (ie inside the bus, maybe a car chase, be creative)

4. I like the story idea about a dismissed cop trying to strong arm his way back into the force maybe you could expand on it a bit. why was he dismissed? why does he want back in?

Its lacking

but if you add a few obstacles like the rogue policeman is holding a hostage at gun point and you have to snipe him and not miss or the hostage dies...I'm not trying to change your idea my friend but keep trying I'm sure you'll come up with something better.


dont be trolls n haters guys =/ just give your rating and tell em how he can inprove his/her game..Good Day!