Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

This used to be Newgrounds.

Waaaay back in the day (middle school, i believe), stupid shit like this was the reason you went on Newgrounds. There were no mindless achievements, no endless grinding, and nothing EPIC or FAIL or LULZLY about anything. Back before 4chan was cool (PROTIP: it still isn't) or Egoraptor was born, Newgrounds was about pretending to kill celebrities and unnecessary poop jokes. This game in on the front page because it's a tribute to what made this site in the first place: irreverent and immature jabs oat pop culture on a level that other media isn't allowed to display. Now, of course, it's all unfunny video game humor and overused memes, but don't let this old man ruin your hate. You probably still don't know what puberty is. Shine on, you 5-second time waster. You're only 10 years too late for this jaded audience to appreciate you.

I have to be fair...

To make the game better you could have improved the graphics and overall presentation for one. Secondly the game itself is very simplistic and is even simpler than a game such as Pico which was made a decade ago? Also if I shoot like crazy it doesn't count for misses and I'm quite confused by that. Another thing is that the game isn't funny and there was a lot of potential to add some humorous jokes in there. Sorry there's room to improve. I do not mean to be rude or ignorant.


There was no point this game. The wack-a-mole style was poorly executed, the graphics were bad, the English worse.... and this game was just made in poor taste.

A beautiful piece

This is an amazing piece of art. And while I usually have skepticism for flash created with political undertones, I find this game to be superb. Everything from the delicious typography to the subtle use of gradients, just a fine flash all around. Bravo.


Even though you had such a short time frame, it still doesn't excuse you from this atrocity.

First of all, the miss counter only counts when you do not shoot a policeman.
This is quite frustrating considering the police sometimes don't lift their heads enough to expose there faces and that there are 10 other policeman doing the same at the same time.

Second of all, why is there a timer counting down from an hour? The game, being nauseatingly repetitive, would not be played by anyone for that long. In fact, the timer does not even correlate with the time frame of the hostage situation (12 hours). Where did this hour come from?

Finally, the English in this game is painful. If you cannot use the English language correctly, don't use sentences. Stick to a phrase or a single word to convey a point.

I hope that this review helps you improve any future flash games you decide to make.