Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

Without this game I wouldn't have known

For sane people this brings awareness to international events that some people (in this instance me) did not know about. Sure its a dumb game and everything people said about it being distasteful is true. However, it is a great to spread the message about events taking place to make a game out of them.

The author isn't trying to be taken seriously and the literal interpretation of his message is not actually what anyone is trying to say and sane people understand that. In fact a game called Lebanonese civil war marine barracks van bomber drive would probably help inform people. Informing people through possibly pissing them off is worth the 5 minutes of everyones internet cafe time. It's not a big deal. But yes this is a shitty game and not fun. But this being a real game is not the point.

This game sucks

But I love how people get so offended over it. It hurts no one. It's a game. Don't have a hissy-fit. Freedom of speech much? XD

Horrible game, great reactions.


the game is realy fun but hard!!!

uuhh yeah

I'm giving you a five because this reminded me of the "old" new grounds, when everything is about making a joke about anything you can think of, and this just brings back memories, on the other hand your only getting a five because this is quite offensive, and I'm a filipino myself

made me laugh

shit game, but reminds me of the stuff that got me onto newgrounds in the first place, such as picos school. The only thing that shines for me in this game is its tastelessness, the thing that everyone seems to be bitching about. If you guys want taste go watch antiques roadshow.