Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

Fuck yes.

This is pretty much what NG stands for.
Making fun of tragedies.0

Fuck the haters man, you know this is good.

I really like the idea of the game

but you can make more like upgrades or something, since the real thing is like your have police with fake guns, and some more get into the truck with axes, and sniper shooting everywhere. You should Also add the part when then hostages being shot. (But I know that actually you are paying respect to the dead hostages, that's why you're not putting them in your game)
The 'polices' is too quick to handle, just can't click every single one of them.
It's really a great work since (I guess) it has been done within a few days only.
I think this is a better memorial than those in the news and the facce boook groups. Because you see, the whole game, it didn't say anything about the condition of the hostages, while the news and those groups keeps on saying that "oh they die, too bad, may the rest in peace" something like that. Think about it, if you have one of your friends died in this tragedy. Would you like to be keep on mentioning by some other ppl about their death? I Hope your answer is "No".
Btw, I like the chinese words on the top.

At least you made a game.

Not that the Newgrounds of 1998 was a lousy time of garbage flash animation. It was a time of evolution in the flash format and experimentation. However this, amateurish effort by you is really poor and I wonder why this even made the front page. This was probably made before the people on the bus ended up dying because of the lousy Philppine Police force and their lack of Standard Operating Procedures, but now that people have died it just seems like this is a heartless game was made for us to portray the trigger happy police. I understand that this may be your third effort to make a game, but use a better subject matter next time and try to tweak the gameplay a bit more. It's like a cut and dry version of whack a mole. I'm not one to talk since I don't have any flash animation and I don't consider myself an expert, but I'm sure with more practice you'll do way better next time. Mabuhay Pilipinas!!!


I don't think that making fun of a tragedy is mature enough. The gameplay was awful too. Next time, if you want to impress with your work try it in a more mature level and you need some practice in your skills too.


Man, I'm from the Philippines too (just like the author, Keybol). But man, this game sucks big time. Shinedrummer was right: "People should be happy that someone made a game to take your anger out on the shit head that did that to all of those innocent people," but gosh, this is just awful. I know, I know. The cops sucked big time but shooting them INSIDE the bus just kills the concept. You should've made a shooting game with a sniper, just like Tactical Assassin, at least we get to play the part of savior. Sayang kapatid. Good idea, bad execution.