Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

Not very playable...

Though a good idea is here, the head pop up and down too fast to shoot any of them. Try slowing them down or making them at least pop all the way up. (Hopefully this review will not be deleted...) Good idea bad execution

Cool Game. :) :)

Think you can do better than Filipino Cops? Shoot down the hostage taker.

Nice Game, Nice Game.. Really Rocks.. Hope this will Tons of Awards.. :) :)

crappy and buggy

you could spare yourself the effort to make a game like this. the game isn't challenging anymore in this century. and on top of that it is very buggy: my timer says i have still 55 minutes remaining and the policepets are like glued to the window...
0 stars are even to much stars for this game...

:( That was not Funny guys...

Hey guys..
I'm Filipino.. I really feels the INSULTING of others that cannot understand the situation there... Filipinos are too embarassed... But we don't have any fault about that... that case was unintentional....


I may be a Filipino, but give us a little respect man.
On the other hand, I hate what Mendoza guy did. Mr. Mendoza thank you for bringing shame to your country. YOU DUMBASS!!!!!
3 thing people can find from someone: 1) people that can take their mistakes and people that CAN NOT take their mistakes, and people who makes the Philippines look bad.
I like the game though. A simple shooting game,