Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

Dear author. No harm here.

Hello there author of the game. I wouldn't say bad words since I am civilized. I am very sorry on how your mother raised you. I find your game very insensitive and hurtful, please delete it. I am a filipino too. I guess the hostage taker has his reasons, he may not have a very good solution, but please don't do the same thing. This game wouldn't solve anything, I guess you know that. Don't make a mockery of other people's suffering, you wouldn't want that done to you.

P.S. To the Chinese people, only one man killed your countrymen, not the whole nation. Please appreciate the apology of our country.


You obviously spent very little time on this. The gameplay sucks. Therefore, it means that you obviously made this game just to mock the event. Not cool, very immature, and very insensitive. You shouldn't be making ANY games about sensitive real-life events like this, especially when it's so obviously based on a specific event. This is different from Pico's school, where the game is not based on a specific event. This is not a "general hostage game". Grow the fuck up.

This is just insulting.

Okay well first things first I am Filipino and I just want to say that we didn't want this to happen. You have the right to feel sad about the deaths but being judgmental and racist, I think thats not fair. It could have been any foreigner in the country, it just so happened that Chinese people were the ones victimized.

Please just understand that, that's just one guy in the Philippines. Fine you can hate him (even if he is dead) but please don't hate other Filipinos out there. Even if we have one race it doesnt mean we would act like that guy.

And for the one who gave a 10 on this and wished that every Filipino will die on the face of the earth, HOW SHALLOW AND CLOSE MINDED ARE YOU?

This is very offensive

to the creator, I think you are a filipino because your pic has the flag in it, and to those people who think filipinos suck, why? haven't YOU made a mistake in your life? its not like just because a single person of a nation did something bad to people from another nation, means everyone from there is like them. Yes, of course we did not want this to happen, but it was inevitable. so if america attacked us filipinos, we should kill them all? nah, i dont think so. if you are not gonna say anything good, dont say anything.


this would have been a great game if only it wasnt so rascist, that incident isn't somethin' to make fun about, & if you disagree about it, remember 9/11
it wasn't the arabians' fault
nor was it the americans