Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

Nice Game LOL

I hate to see how Police, and Noynoy couldn't handle this situation easily they are really look overacting because of the media in front of them.


one man can make a difference it wasn't Mendoza that changed it but Noynoy's authority that made it worse :)


I'm a Filipino and I lol'd.

Our president is useless.

Not so good, but shouldn't be removed

The gameplay is boring and stale. The comedy didn't make up for that. Some criticism will be to make the game more than a basic shooter. Have events where you have to press certain keys and other ideal gaming mechanics.

Please stop complaining people. You don't have to play the game if you don't. I don't care about the Philippines at all and why should I? This creator must be from the US and have the same opinion as mine. It's annoying when people complain about a video game. Does this mediocre game actually put you in the event? Does it make you feel the pain of those who died? No, then therefore deal with it. You don't have to play the game at all and am not forced to play.

Inappropriate and insensitive

What happened in the Philippines wasn't a joke. It's not a situation that can just be turned into a game. I am a Filipino and seeing this game posted up not long after the whole incident is very, VERY insulting to all Filipinos and Chinese citizens everywhere.

I'm sure nobody wanted this situation to happen. Who would have expected it anyway, right? You may have found it funny to make a game out of it but let me ask you this: Are hostages and murders funny and something to be made fun of? Do those things make you happy, more so other people?

Be sensitive to what other may think about this game. Don't add more fuel to the fire. It's already a troublesome case and yet you put this up. That is very insensitive of you.

I suggest that you take down this inappropriate and insensitive game that you made. It may seem funny to you but it's not something to be laughed about. This is a serious matter - a crisis that the Philippines is facing as of the moment and I believe - I'm sure that others will agree with me - that this isn't a game to play.


WTF why make a game like this...? This a very serious matter and not to be made fun of :|