Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

So yeah

Soooo if you're playing the seemingly non-existent sniper in the hostage situation......why are all the targets policemen? No civilians targets or the actual shooter?

But other than that, the graphics were shit, gameplay wasn't really that innovative or different from the other patchwork FPS games offered here, but still. great trolling material, bonus points for trolling the Filipino populace.

Gameplay is shit but it's what it's based on and what it did here is where my score comes from. Keep up the good work brother.

Not that good but still I want a Rocket Launcher !

As a gamer and gfx artist I'll say this sucks beyond comprehension, as a Filipino this ROCKS like shabs ! OMG I want a Rocket Launcher and Mini-Gun redo kindly redo this now !

+1 *props*


It's a bit cruel but it at least the targets are the Police. Can I see a boss *coughpinoycough* perhaps?


mlalim ang reason bkt si noynoy ang binabaril d2.. think about it.. i'll give it a ten hahaha

Why the Hell dude!!!

Dude, don't you have respect for our country?? Do you not see we Filipinos are humiliated in front of the whole world because of that Hostage crisis and you dare make this stupid flash game? SHAME ON YOU! >:(