Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"


Hit and miss detection is too far off to make the game enjoyable by any means. You really need to code the game better.

You should also consider having some kind of ending, or a goal to play towards besides trying to shoot random policemen. The description makes it seem like the game requires skill, not luck and (extremely)fast reflexes.

And why did my review get deleted? Look at some of the other reviews. Mine was a lot nicer than there's.


I understand why he made this kind of game.
I too was so upset on how the policemen in the Philippines handled the situation.
People tend to express their self in different form, and maybe this is his way of expressing how he feels.

So stop criticizing the game and make your "OWN" great game..that is, if you can.

actually he made this too fast,

this was the hostage drama in the Philippines yesterday..


I made a better game in grade 6 just messing with Visual Basic. @touchdownturner
This isn't about whether or not we can make a flash. But the quality of the game.

The timer is stuck on a loop using an hour as the standard variable and starting from 1minute. so it goes in a countdown from 1 minute and reverts to 60.
so the timer is a useless script inside it in other words.

Second, the hitbox of the target is the entire mirror, but it only appears for second when the head has stopped moving and is in full view. so you barely have any time to react and the target in game doesn't link up with the mouse 100%, so even if you click the hitbox. theres still a 50% chance it wont register

Misses also register maybe 75% of the time, and really to increase the hit counter. all you gotta do is press tab and space back and forth and you will play a perfect 'game'

Then your preface: "Seeking to arm-twist authorities into reinstating him back, a dismissed policeman has taken a bus with 25 passengers hostage here. Can you stop him and blow his brain?"

With that, you would assume there is a bit of challenge. perhaps passengers popping up every now and then that make you lose "The Game" (hah! gotcha), or perhaps a single cop with a health bar that depletes until hes dead. give it a ending or somthing to work towards because its just not enjoyable to play otherwise. its a senseless clickfest. the banner ads you see at least give you an objective and an end (they send you a pop-up).

So with half assed work, 2 layers of images, 6 possible locations to shoot, and the same crap with no goal. I give this flash (if you could call it that) a 0 out of 5. and a 0 out of 10

Review the game, not the situation...

Hey guys, you're supposed to be reviewing the *game* not providing political commentary on the situation that occurred.

It's a quaint game, like those fun pop-up ads that tell you to shoot the duck or whatever.

In contrast to the reviews this thing is getting it's actually quite a fun time waster. But it's not exactly the best... interpretation, shall we say, of the event.

However, it needs something more. Something to make it feel like an actual *game*. Scoring, or upgrades, or more levels -- something that will draw attention away from the fact that you have very poor taste in 'humour.'