Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

As a game

This is terrible. Not in the sense of "this is terrible because it's making fun of a tragedy".

The game itself is no better than an ad that you would see on the side of your screen. I don't really care what it's about, if it's not good, then it shouldn't be on the front page.

2 stars for uploading this piece of garbage and writing a description in authors comments. That's some kind of effort, I guess.


It's sad when you find out the headlines on Newgrounds' games BEFORE watching the news.


i can only gues you made this to let people get their anger off that police guy
alot of people might think otherwise as the person below me*

also to make this i think you let people know whats going on in the world for those who dont watch tv is a not bad thing.

but all and all it gets boring quick imo*
4# for trying


Dude this hurts.. I'm a Filipino i usually don't write a review like this but this hurts... This actually happened and your just making fun of the situation..tsk tsk what about if this happened at your country?? will you also make a game out of it??


I know this event will mark in history