Reviews for "Bus Hostage by Policeman"

Whack a guy, off a guy, whack off a guy...

I expected that this game was from the same guy who made Balloon Boy and Tax Time! But all I got was someone's attempt to gain the same popularity and appreciation that guy had, by making a FREE iPOD interactive ad. Eight innocent people died during this incident, and you had to arm-twist Newgrounds fans into having fun. I swear, if this game had easy medals, I would ask moderators to remove them. And no one should ever ask that.

didnt really like the game

but i did want to say
no matter what the injustice or however mad you get about something, you dont take inocent people hostage and kill them. dumb ass shoulda gone into the cop shop where he worked and done it.

i have no idea

what happened that day, all i know is written in the reviews below...
but this game wasn't fun at all, but boring as hell.
this review is not influenced by any current events *O*

got 20 score..hmmm not bad =]

S.W.A.T lagi = sorry wala akung practice.. hahaha

mehh.. not that great as a game.

funny thing, im Filipino. Shit was all over the news yesterday. Man, that is the WRONG way to get your job back. Anyways, just thought Id take this opportunity to apologize to the world for this Mendoza fellow, not all of us are like that. Some of us are just a little fucked up in the head, but you gotta admit, there are people like this all over the world. You can't really assume a whole country is like one crazy person, can you? /end rant