Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"

Yay a sequel!

Yet again you all impress me with your creativity. This one was even trickier than the last! :D Such talent! SUCH RANDOMNESS!

most epic same sounds evar

but toooo short

i liked turtleco the best

i just loved the failed cloning attempt

Very Nice

The idea behind the collab was amazing, and so was the artistry.
I really like the zany sound effects, and the fact that some of the animations weren't synced right made it all the more better!

But when I click Redharvests name I get turtleco's bio, and vice versa.

Noodle responds:

I like to think all sounds synch as closely as possible. Sometimes it's hard to stick 100% with the sounds and still make a movie that semi-makes sense

Also, I caught that little glitch too. I fixed it now :)

Perfect with a hint of Awesomeness

Very Very nice anims I do have 2 suggestions why dont you add edd gould and egoraptor theyre great animators

I also loved the title song

Noodle responds:

I would love to work with them, but they are very busy people! Sadly they can't afford time away from paying work to do a collab like this.
Or maybe they just don't like me? Could be.