Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"


Similar to the first collab i think it was very original, creative and very intresting to watch :D (yh)


This was really good, and I think it was a really cool idea.

Small problem- when I go through the bios, all of them have the same noise for "Sound contributed" and its the water splash.

Noodle responds:

I noticed that to. That was a mistake by me when organizing the menu.
I updated it, and it should be fixed now if you're interested in checking back

Very Original

I really liked the concept. Very interesting. Also, I like the collabs, and this one was very fun to watch. Please make more. This type of collab has a lot of potential.

Noodle responds:

I'm hoping there wil be more. I've got a third in the series planned. I'm sure the creativity pool will be ready to go for another spin :)

I have to say.

coughing-dog and JonBro made me laugh the most. Maybe its because im a sucker for silly faces but never mind.

This is proof that all artists on Newgrounds have a different agenda.

It may be to make people laugh, to make people admire your art, or maybe even just show them what great ideas you can think up.

Great work and idea. 5/5

Noodle responds:

It really is an excellent edium for showcasing talents. It's the only place you get such good feedback from so many people! Thanks

How did you come up with this?

This is an amazing idea! My favorite ones were Elfman-Rox, JonBro and RedHarvest. 5/5, 10/10.

My next stop: first one!