Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"


Loved the concept and really dug the submissions. Very cool!

Metallica :D

You can play nothing else matters at the beggining :3

Noodle responds:

That's pretty wicked man! I'll have to check it out :)
I don't play guitar, so I wouldn't even know


You guys did an amazing job! =)

Noodle responds:

Thank you wise lass, glad it tickled your... uh. Enjoyment bone

Great stuff!

It is amazing to find out how many things you can do with just the same audio file. It is especially interesting to note that the source audio is pretty random and silly in itself. I think my favorite would have to be turtleco. It was also great to see work by some people I recognized, such as LazyMuffin who is as absurd as ever. Every cartoon was different and stylistic in its own right. I am just so glad you guys still managed to mix the styles together in such common ground as a clip without even any dialogue (though it probably would have been less creative if you had included dialogue).

Noodle responds:

I love reading reviews like this. From someone who truely appreciated the collab, and what we were trying to accomplish with it! Thanks for that!
Also, I asked everyone to not use any dialouge because that directs the storyline far too much


Timeing is perfect :)