Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"

Very clever

I love the idea behind this colab. I'm really tempted to try something similar, only in comic form...

"Dur! It was the same sound every time!"....

Lol i enjoyed it greatly really hit my funny bone at some points... hope you do more creative work like this... i beileve you will be succesfull!...so yes good job hope to see more flash animations from you.

Quite good

A good idea and a very well organised collab.

Loved it

I loved the orig. and this one was almost just as good. I didnt like the sound choices as much this time because i feel like some were a bit to similar an that one was kinda cheating cuz it sounded like a few things... Also the first version had dinosuars, I want more dinosuars! Other than that, I love the concept and i liked how you introduced each person's name. Im sure Noxx11 guy appreciates you getting his name wrong, although i dont know how your spost to say it either...


turtleco did it the best out of everyone