Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"

Great, except for one *other* little bug

It seems that, other than the aforementioned About page working, every author contributed the same sound. When you click the icon for the "contributed sound" it sounds as if they all game the same sound - a splash.

But hey, it's not detrimental to my score for you. Despite the fact that the flash has a couple problems to tweak, it didn't affect the "feature presentation" which was quite excellent. Who knew that, given only a soundtrack, so many ideas could fit it?

It also seems like most of you agreed that the second sound had to do with either some burst of light or a shot from a gun. Which is quite weird seeing as you all worked entirely independently of each other.

Noodle responds:

If you were truely interested in who contibuted what, I've fixed that in the updated swf. Thanks for the head up!

Glad you didn't let that affect your overall enjoyment of the animations!
I love it when everyones parts find some common ground. Overall I want them to be unique, but it's very interesting to see multiple people all decide on a similar outcome

Left Me.......

Speechless. Lol just love it. Continue to make more ;O!!


Great concept, it was interesting to see what everyone came up with.

Very clever

I love the idea behind this colab. I'm really tempted to try something similar, only in comic form...

"Dur! It was the same sound every time!"....

Lol i enjoyed it greatly really hit my funny bone at some points... hope you do more creative work like this... i beileve you will be succesfull!...so yes good job hope to see more flash animations from you.