Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"


I was wondering when I'd finally get to see this, and I wasn't disappointed :)
All the entries were very refreshing and it was cool to see how everyone interpreted the sounds. I espscially like lazymuffins and turtleco's contributions - great job! There were a few bugs like you mentioned, in addition all the sounds in the author bio sections besides yours were the splash, which was my sound, and you've used my old icon in the scenes section but besides that I found the menu very slick with nary a detail spared. Now all that's left to do is pass on the torch to the next bunch of unsuspecting animators for DYHT vol 3!

Very inventive concept.

The overall idea was very entertaining: get a bunch of random sound effects and have different animators create whatever they want to them. I like it!


Oggy Cheese, Win!

Great job

Nice to see the end product here. Great job by the other animators! Love the transitions and sound between the clips. Nice to see everyone's different interpretations of it. Good stuff.

Noodle responds:

Glad to have you on board.
Also, were you aware that Oggy meant classy? Because it doesn't. But that sure was a classy piece o' cheese


very interesting and good thinks are in this video
Nice work