Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"


This is a real step up from volume one. The introductions to each segment is a nice divide and spices up the collab. The choice of sounds and timing in between each one was an improvement I think; this volume seems more upbeat and has a faster pace which I like.

All the animators were really good and it's just cool seeing so many sort of "under the radar" artists coming together and producing something visually wonderful. The difference in style and humour is really refreshing and the whole thing is pleasure to watch.

Well done, guys! A well deserved first place!


my favorite is turtle co!

i liked!!

turtleco and nox11...were my fav!!....but at the beginning i didnt understand the point of this but then some how it came back to me!!...its the reason i wanted to watch this in the first place!!

really cool!

This has an awesome concept to it! definitly shows how everyone thinks differently. The animation was also very well made and had smooth flow to it. I hope you make another volume to this idea :) Overall: 10/10 nice work!

The e string is a bit flat

but good work on the animation and the rap