Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"

"Dur! It was the same sound every time!"....

Lol i enjoyed it greatly really hit my funny bone at some points... hope you do more creative work like this... i beileve you will be succesfull!...so yes good job hope to see more flash animations from you.


Always loved the first one and now, THERES TWO!!!!! but ok. It was awesome and I loved LazyMuffin's menu song. It was the best thing EvEr. but i liked the ideas everyone came up with. and also, you have very bad typing skills. such as "I think its realyt cool" or "furthur"

sorry. im a /grammar Nazi sometimes.


i want to be in this


bizarre and strangely compelling

Loved it :D

Its a really unique idea, it could of gone either way but it worked thanks.. keep em comin

ps. the menu was awsome