Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 2"


these sounds fit perfectly with each story, it must be really hard to fit all of these.


great concept with an excellent final product.
I have to say that it there were a few too many in the collection, and the loop got rather annoying.


Another great one, i liked the variety of interpretations and styles, and the overall nice quality (and humor) of the animations, although i think the actual 'randomly-ordered-track' eventually lacked some variety of sounds.
Anyway that's part of the randomness of the experiment so i still give you TEN.


Truly, truly epic...

Overused, but insanely amusing.

Now, this is a real collab, at least in my opinion. Everyone has their own art style; this little hidden gem proves it all. However, I highly disliked the fact the same group of sounds were used over and over, but it didn't affect the score very much.