Reviews for "Order of the light"

Salut mon petit Guillaume !

Tu as déjà eu mes commentaires sur le jeu, je voulais simplement te donner quelques points supplémentaires pour ton rating newgrounds ^^

- Alex Carle

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Old school

The game is okay. It's a simple old school dungeon crawling RPG. The art is acceptable, but in terms of sound, you have provided the appropriate sound effects for just about all situations in the game that would require them-something to be praised with a flash game and especially if you really worked on this one by yourself, actually. I like the touch of the inquisitor and monster each rolling their dice.

The music gets a little repetitive, since it's the same one playing throughout the entire game, even in battles and such.

However, some things could be emphasized more. First played on Hard, then for some reason, went back and did Hardcore to see if there was anything different. (Nope, no extra material, but doesn't matter)

I do have a few issues:
1: What is the penalty for death? For me, it seemed like nothing (but I only died once on both runs). If that were the case, why bother restoring your health with potions, let alone, get the defense upgrades early? I only ever needed the red potions in battle.

2: After experimenting a bit, water was the only spell really needed, and Heavy Attack was the only one I used. Why? Because it has the healing factor; the damage if it hits was just a bonus. As for only using heavy attack, I think I observed that there's the critical at a roll of 19-20. Even if that wasn't the case, the chance-to-hit for heavy attack isn't that much worse than the others (after pumping up with Lynx. (I think it's like 1 or 2 more than the medium attack).

3: It was hard to see that you could use potions on the menu. On my first I was looking around for a bit, confused about the message. Probably hit space bar, not realizing at first that the menu with the potion count has also a selection cursor for choosing the potions. The menu in general was a bit cluttered-you could have spread the contents over more than two pages.

4: Why was it that sometimes, I get multiple turns, (at time, three versus those pig things I presume are your orcs) and sometimes, the enemy gets multiple turns? The speed mechanic thus needs to be explained a bit.

5: Nearly got stuck because of glitches on some doors. It got me worried, provided that there is a significant amount of leveling up in this game.

You did a good job overall, since the game is playable. The fun factor depends from person to person and on whether that person is willing to tolerate the randomness of the dice rolls, but even on the Hardcore setting, it seemed like it was stacked in the player's favor (delivered more crits than I expected, and the enemy often rolled very low numbers.)


first of all... what the hell
u play an inquisitor (or w/e) and u can use magic attacks??
second.. what the helll is with that attack system?
any tutorials on it would be nice cuz i havent got a clue what the dices are for and what the moving bar is for.

lastly the graphics arent that bad but they annoy.

Not bad....but

Everything was pretty decent, minus a few grammatical and spelling mistakes. The only thing was the obvious, it was way too short. If it had more of a back story, and more missions you would have got 8 stars.