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Reviews for "The Birdinator"


I beat it in 10 days also. Noice

Umm what the fuck

I beat it in 2 DAYS its not that hard why would it take 6-10 days to beat a silly game like this? Anyways I like the game kept my attention.

One problem, but good

really fun i found that the game's money system was organized and the upgrade system was well put together, but i found myself getting bored with the same weapon and look for the bird. Other than that GREAT

addicting if i may say so

!0 days for me!


I thought it was really good. I would have liked it if there was a little more danger. I liked the bullets that the hunters shot that would slow you down, but I felt pretty invincible and sort of was on auto pilot and wasn't extremely focused or anything. I would have also liked it if when you got like 3 or more boosts in a row that you would go considerably faster, almost at a crazy uncontrollable speed. The very last stretch was also a little too long and monotonous, but it wasn't too bad.