Reviews for "End Space"


Fun Game. Some slowdown problems, but other then that a very good Shooter. Fast Action.

Great game!

Only problem I had was minor lag. Otherwise it was very nice.

Solid gameplay.

While not perfect, this was really fun. This is the kind of game that I've haven't seen much of in a while-a fast paced ship vs ship(s) slogfest.

You've put some good detail in this that make it more "realistic" than other space shooters (even professionally made ones)-namely, the boosters. No magically turning ships or reactionless drives-there are side boosters that flip in and out and propel the ship in the opposite direction. While there's the issue of unlimited fuel, this is better than some of the other stuff.

The controls take a little getting used to-but it becomes somewhat second nature if you play long enough. All you have to remember is that your ship always tries to turn in the direction of your mouse. Once past that hurdle, I've had fun weaving through enemy fire and shanking them with rockets and guided missiles.

In the end, though, I wound up only using the Destroyer ship because it had the best speed ratings as well as decent armor. I could break down the strategy for last few stages (where you fight tons of Commanders and high level ships that would rape you if you were slow) like this: Dive through the enemy group and then keep going in one direction to recharge shields and energy. The only ships that could possibly catch you are other Destroyers. Let off acceleration, point toward the general direction of the enemy ships, dive through them when they approach, and then run off again.

Perhaps in a sequel, you could split the game into a tier system of sorts. Smaller class ships in a lower class, higher class ships in higher classes-kind of like how racing games like Forza and Gran Turismo go. That way, lower class ships don't simply go obsolete.

Each ship could also be tunable in some of their stat categories. Lastly, add some kind of Energy and Energy Regen stats that determines how much energy a ship has and how fast they regenerate energy, respectively.

Good game

this is actually a good decent game. but the controls were kinds confusing and the upgrade system just didnt work for me but good over all.

Not bad

This game content is fun. But the background kinda ruined everything.