Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 22"


I loved this episode. Keep up the great work!

Nicely done

When you come out with an episode with such a long duration and with great production values it just shows that there are talented artists here that make the rest of us look really amateurish. Of course all areas of this flash were great, the voice acting was hilarious, graphics were perfect and the humor really stood up to what you would see on television. The highlight for me had to be the line "i do EVERYTHING with my dick", so perfectly delivered. I also noticed through all the absurdity and vulgarity there was a moment where he fought temptation and i found that touching and shows that these characters have softer sides too. Overall a very pleasing and memorable episode.


Great work buddy! I'll gladly kick in someones door and nose rape them anyday!

Dave, I have a proposition for you.

Dave, your music at the end, the Techno Wedding March, is pure genius. In fact, even that being said is an understatement. I wish to buy your Techno Wedding March because I think that would be the best exit song EVA! Hit me up bro. Let's talk!

Dave responds:

I'll just email you an MP3... I really did make it in something like 10 minutes using a preset arpeggiation on this Korg thing here