Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 22"


As a lifelong resident of CT and listener of CCC, i was both exceedingly surprised and pleased to hear Stephen Wayne's voice pop into my skull while watching this. I'm definitely calling him up during his next Wayne Manor show and asking him about this, lol.

Dave responds:

Very cool! There are other WCCC jocks in other episodes, too... especially Picozzi who's been in (I think) three now.


another awesome RAB episode, couldn't stop laughing or stop watching for a while. Well done dave give yourself a pat on the back :) :) :)

Retarded Animal Babies will never be bad...

..., but I'm starting to get a bit tired. However, unlike Oney (or anyone else who rated this lower than a five), I will never, ever complain about your series. Besides, who is he to label your humor as cheap when HE did Grand Theft Awesome and Left 4 Speed? Unlike certain people who have been on here as long as you and I have, you have managed to remain consistently funny for all this time. On the other hand, I would like to see more stuff like Splatris and whatnot. It's a damn shame that there are those who are quick to give a submission a low score for being vulgar/violent, but can't find anything wrong with the likes of Superhero Slayers, Minushi, or Xombie. With that out of the way...

In terms of art and animation, It may be the same Lovelace style, but I like how you variated the locales and the props for this one. Plus, I also like those angles you chose, such as the one where you're watching Sean Connery getting pissed at the wedding. In terms of sound, I really dig those songs that were used such as the one from Revenge of the Nerds (the first one is still the best). Not to mention that the voicework is still as great as always, unlike Eskimo Bob or Contemplating Reiko. Then there's the humor, which I still find funny. Aside from the usual obscenity, you had referenced Revenge of the Nerds, along with the old Batmobile, the A-Team van, The Love Bug, Knight Rider, and the time-traveling DeLorean. Plus, I liked how you did Satan's niece in that hell segment.

What I do like:
-Funny as hell
-Great voice acting
-Good art and animation
-Nice music selection
-Passable filesize

What I don't like:
-Same as all of the other episodes.

Overall: Dave, even though I love this series, I would like for you to experiment some more when you get the chance. (Especially considering that you have competition from Dean Packis). Here's a ten for staying funny for years and don't listen to any self-righteous pricks who think they know everything.


Yet another masterpiece of debauchery Dave. Thanks :D

Best one yet!

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