Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 22"


puppy has the ultimate cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodamn awful man

I can't believe you wasted your time making this. Fine it's SUPPOSED to be sick, but you can't even manage to pull that off. I love sick humor but this is just garbage. If your trying to do sick humor be subtle about it, when it's so in your face its fucking impossible to laugh. Furry animal incest pedo porn. Good man.


been a fan for a long time and thought you were done with the series, logged on randomly today to see A NEW EPISODE! was fucking great. and Fuck yea for WCCC, listen to em all the time. all in all it was great to see a new episode after all that time haha


I've been watching RAB since they came out, and you still haven't disappointed. (:

Truely EPIC

That was the funniest R&B so far, even if I couldn't see it's trademark randomness it was still an absolutely epic feat. to watch. seriously, man, 10/10

I'm fucking glad it took this long, i never expect to laugh twice as harder than usual.