Reviews for "ComedyQuickClips Futurama"

ten for effort..!!!!

nice, hope to see more of your work. ^^


Not only did I not get the point of this, but there is no movement, just pictures and soundclips. Sorry, but this belongs on youtube. This isn't really a flash animation, just a slideshow with voices.

DroLord responds:

The point was just a few jokes, there wasn't some deeper meaning, it was just made with the aspiration of maybe making you laugh once or twice.

Thank you very much for your review!

place on youtube

i agree with the others and i would love to see a parody with youre own original animation i look forward to seeing more of your work

DroLord responds:

Perhaps youtube would be a better median, I didn't realize how upset people would get about this, it was a 1 minute flash for fans of furutrama that I hoped would make them laugh.

Im happy at least you understood and enjoyed it, thanks for the review!

Better than I thought

I am in fact a big fan of Futurama, but this was not that great to see. The main problem is that it's only several frames and there's nothing really noteworthy about that. It seems like you would be better off making something original and putting this audio over it. I guess that if you put the whole thing on, you might get banned. You never know, this website isn't on the radar as much as other places. I still thought the things you talked about you were funny.

Something about Santa seeing you on the can and killing you is just really, really funny. At least I could recognize all of the character's voices in this. I believe that this is actually from two episodes, not just one. It would seem like this would belong more on another website. At least you had good intentions to entertain us with "Futurama".


You can't really just take clips of stuff taken from a show and call it a flash movie... you need to put effort into it, perhaps create a parody of the show or at least create your own animation based on the audio your using. try again!