Reviews for "This is the Only Level II"

anyone knows hot to beat stage 31 (easter egg)?
the easter egg is at the main menu and you need to jump while you are at the down right corner and then hold the left arrow QUICKLY
but the easter egg is a level not a suprise so anyone knows how to beat it?

really awesome game!



Walkthrough to TITOL 2 (If you want to complete the game on your own, look away now!)

Stage 1: Just use the arrow keys.
Stage 2: Again, use the arrow keys BUT you only have 3 jumps, so use them wisely!
Stage 3: When you look at the gate, it will close. If you look away from the gate it will open. get really close to the gate and look away for a sec and quickly get in the pipe.
Stage 4: When you press the button, the gravity flips upside down. Be careful and get to the pipe while upside down!
Stage 5: Stay still for 5 seconds and the gate will open.
Stage 6: When you drop from the pipe, just keep holding the right key.
Stage 7: Go back to the pipe you came in.
Stage 8: Use your mouse to drag the gate down and walk through it.
Stage 9: Just repeat Stage 1 only with a donkey.
Stage 10: Press up, left, down, then right key repeatedly until you get to the pipe.
Stage 11: Go to the highest block (the one in the top right corner) and hit the ceiling. one of the ceiling blocks will be destroyed. Go into the hole and keep going to the right and go in any pipe you want.
Stage 12: Just repeat stage 1, but upside down.
Stage 13: Press shift 5 times and the gate will open.
Stage 14: You got about 10 seconds to press the button and make it to the pipe.
Stage 15: Press the walkthrough button and the gate will open.
Stage 16: Press the button multiple times and hurry to the pipe.
Stage 17: On the wall with the several spikes, go through the bottom spike and you will get to the pipe.
Stage 18: Repeat Stage 1, but the level is finger painted.
Stage 19: Type the alphabet and the gate will open.
Stage 20: I... don't know...This stage is hard to explain.
Stage 21: When the elephant turns red, The left key turns to the right key and the right key turns to the left key.
Stage 22: Go to main menu, control the blue elephant and hit the button in the top left corner.
Stage 23: Do you remember the platforms? Press the mute button to open the gate.
Stage 24: Press right, up, right, up, right, down, left, up, left, right, down, left, down, then right.
Stage 25: Watch out for the extending spikes!
Stage 26: When you go below the half of the screen you will be upside down. if you stay above the half of the screen the gravity will be normal.
Stage 27: Touch the spikes the stage name tells you.
Stage 28: Walk on every block until it gets to 50.
Stage 29: I... can't explain this either. Sorry!
Stage 30: Panic on the button and get to the gate as quickly as possible.

I hope this has been a great help for the confused ones!