Reviews for "P-P-P-Powerhockey!"

heh heh

meme reference in the title hurr hurr hurr

Good game

I think it'd be better without the "click to put down" thing. Maybe click to pull up?

Its okay.

It's okay, I guess, but the CPU is a mix of unintelligent and clairvoyant. The CPU froze the puck in a corner, so I couldn't continue playing. Still pretty decent, though.

It's okay

The game looks nice but it's too hard. I found holding the mouse button down all the time to be quite annoying. Otherwise, looks like it could be a good game.


It was somewhat laggy for my cpu which isn't good since it's fast. I would fix any possible glitches that may happen *The cpu got the puck stuck in a corner D:*

RHY3756547flash responds:

Yes, I'm currently working on that. :)