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Reviews for "ZOM-TV!"

good but

like all games it gets boring once u fully up grad every thing u should have put other mini games in there sorry i cant give u a 10 but it was nice

good fun

Fun game and really humorous too, but I was disappointed that there was no particular ending, and even more so that I couldn't keep all my upgrades and stuff once I returned to the game :(

One big issue though. Everyone keeps saying they got an ending when they died but I didn't even get that--I had upgraded everything and just let my fort get bombarded, and when the final explosion came up everything just froze. I could switch channels but when I returned to channel 3 it was still frozen. Either way, really really entertaining game! I only meant to play it for a few minutes but I kept wanting the upgrades. Good times.

Very funny

The game itself was unfortunately not all too challenging. However, this is one of the most creative games I've come across here on NG. The channel flipping way of the menu is different and new, as well as many of the parodies are worth a chuckle or two. For next time, it'd be fun to see something along the lines of different weapons with which to equip your cannon, and maybe different modes where it's more goal oriented than just survival (so like, save a certain amount of prisoners, or kill a certain amount of zombies before moving onto the next level). I don't know, these are just things that popped into my head. Overall, very nicely done.

liked it a lot

thought it was pretty awesome, it had a good feel too. i liked the news ish feel. love me some zombie killin

good clean fun

Brilliant, gotta say though menu is ace but music does get annoying, good for the first 5 mins then its turn sound off, doesn't really lead anywhere I would have liked to see more upgrades, other than that sweet! maybe add more levels.