Reviews for "RoboRitz Short"


What's the name of this sound?


I was hoping that the character would break out in dance. Flash left me disappointed.

Yeah, this flash has some real style.

Work on the length, I love the gentlemanly style of the flash.
Good short, excellent filesize....
I hope to see a lot more quality from you!

More to come?

It's short. I liked the zoom with the layers of depth. There is enough in concept to expand on. Keep at it.

Not bad

I like that you just created this strange world and showed a little bit. You didn't explain why it's all ruined or why this odd creature is wandering around, but we don't really need to know that. The "joke", well, it wasn't much of a joke, but it made me smile. The animation was pretty smooth, too; I think this is a good start.