Reviews for "Deadly Zombies"

This is a good game

After removing the croos-hairs the game game has become more playable. I enjoyed playing the game.

What's the point of a crosshair....

What's the point of having a crosshair in a point and click game when the bullets don't go there. If you wanted to have the player only shoot forward, then maybe this would work better with keyboard control.

very rough

The way you control the player could use some tweaking. In an open field setting, it's better to have the player aim with the mouse and move with the keyboard. It's got promise, though.

Lucy88 responds:

To remove the confusion I have replaced the cross-hairs with the mouse cursor

rethink the controls

they are dumb ! I need to walk towards the zombie to aim at it !!!!
this can evolve into something good
but it needs some serious work

Lucy88 responds:

Shoot the zombie instead of hitting it.


Controls are annoying, would be greatly improved if you could aim up or down rather then having to move up and down with strictly left-right shooting.